About Guardians of Cardano

Guardians of Cardano is a CNFT designer toy project developed by Mipa Toys.

The project started as a one-off collaboration with The Ronin Universe on the Cardano network. After seeing the amazing response from the CNFT community, Mipa made the decision to come up with a larger, more ambitious project. Looking at the Cardano logo and the 30 dots, Mipa envisioned the logo representing The Universe of Cardano and each dot as a unique world. Reflecting on the diversity of the Cardano ecosystem, it was obvious that there should be freedom to create characters from various themes whether those are pirates, knights, or futuristic spies.

Guardians of Cardano are unique 3D sculpted characters that protect their respective worlds in The Universe of Cardano. There will be a total of 30 Guardians of Cardano – based on the Cardano logo consisting of 30 dots. The project is characterised by immense attention to detail and high quality assets.

As the project progressed, Mipa wanted to expand the artistic diversity of the project and started involving other artists. That’s how a collaboration with Feral Artwork started. It all lead to further ideas of expanding the universe with storytelling. During the Knights of Cardano drop, Mipa and Feral released the first comic book as an airdrop telling the story surrounding the characters in the series.


Hello everyone! My name is Michal and I am an artist behind Mipa Toys. The Mipa name was created by a combination of letters from my first name and my wife’s name, Paulina. She is a pivotal driving force of Mipa Toys and she provides invaluable input on the designs.

I began my adventure with toy design about 7 years ago. When I initially found out about Designer Toys, I was astounded with the amount of talent in the space and wanted to be part of it. The same happened with the CNFT space – the amount of pure talent and creativity mixed with the phenomenal CNFT community were the primary driving forces inspiring me to create unique designs and push the project further.

Outside of CNFTs and the designer toy space, I’m a product engineer working for a product design consultancy with a focus on medical devices. I’m more of a project manager nowadays than an engineer. But, I’m still able to enjoy the creative process!